Jun 22, 2008

We have been living in Utah for about 8 years now and neither of us have spent much time in Southern Utah (other than driving through). So, thanks to our friends Don and Mandi, we finally made the trip down. Mandi found us the best campground; it had air conditioned bathrooms, free showers, shades for your tent, and a very refreshing pool. We were also extremely grateful we bought a screen tent before we left because the bugs were crazy! We were the only ones in the campground that had one and you could tell the other campers were jealous when they walked by slapping the bugs away.

Here are the stats from our trip:

2 cool nights
5 Arches seen
6 t-shirt shops visited
7 showers taken
9 dips in pool
11 miles hiked
24 bottles of water
26 bug bites
103 degrees of fahrenheit
174 pictures taken
432 miles driven
3 very happy campers.

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Niice. sounds like tons of fun. :)
Sounds like a great campground. I'm glad you made it to the delicate arch.
What campground did you go to? Do you have to make reservations way in advance? Glad you had fun!

That looks like a great camping trip. Tent shades, a real pool, a shower. I want to go! But maybe in the spring when it isn't quite as hot? ;) Seriously though, I'm jealous. I've only been to Moab once, and we didn't hike to any arches. That's really cool. I love the one where you're standing underneath it but you're really small. Good perspective.
The campground was Moab Valley RV Resort and we made our reservations like a month before.

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