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Sep 17, 2008
Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE shopping for Macey. It is probably my current favorite daytime pastime. Not only do I love shopping for Macey, I also love dressing her and doing her hair. I am happy to report that Macey's hair is long enough again to go into pigtails!! I tried to get a few pictures of her hair the other day before she destroyed it, but she didn't feel like sitting still long enough for me to capture a good shot.

Here are some pictures of Macey's current favorite pastimes (for those of you who care):

She loves to help, especially when Paul is working in the yard.

DIRT! If there is dirt outside she will find it and her newest word is Rock.

She loves playing games on my laptop and "talking" on the webcam.
There is nothing she loves more than her puppies!
Multiple times a day we have to go out front so she can drive her fire truck. Anytime she hears anyone out front she's at the window yelling to go play.

We are very much enjoying Macey right now and we can't get enough of the constant entertainment.
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Cute hair and I love all of the pictures!
Oh she is so precious! She just keeps getting cuter!!
amen to heather, she gets cuter and cuter! i love the one holding the puppy.
She's so very cute! I can't wait to see her at the shower,.. are you going to let her be there with us? I hope so. I want to see amaryllis too.
She is a doll! I love the picture of her hugging her puppy.
Little Miss Macey just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love the pig tails!
I agree with you, the older that they get the more fun they are. There is nothing like holding a newborn baby, especially when that baby is yours but they are so much more fun and entertaining when they are older. Plus it's exciting watching their little personalities develop!
Macey is so cute! I can't wait to put Adelle's hair in pigtails. What a fun age and it just keeps getting funner (I know funner isn't a word but when you hang out with a two year old all the time it can be).
Love the pigtails!

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