Scooter Girls

Oct 1, 2008
Emily and I used to dream about having scooters in college and being in a scooter gang. We would look with envying eyes at every group of scooters that passed us as we walked or drove through Provo. We eventually ended up settling for Razor Scooters, which turned out to be quite fun, but not what had always dreamed of. Here we are with Duffers (the scooter) on Halloween as the Scooter Bandits.

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Then when we went on a cruise together 2 years ago that dream was realized, even if it was only for a day. This last week we had the opportunity to live out part of that dream again when we got to cruise my neighborhood on this baby! Maybe someday I'll actually get to be in a real scooter gang (this is a reminder to all of my local friends- buy a scooter ), until then I'll just have to remember the fun times I've had.

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That's funny you should post that today because I just saw my copy of Paul's "To my Scooter Girl".
I'm glad that I helped you realize your dream by getting hit from behind to get enough insurance money to buy you your dream scooter.

Keep on scootn' on
Jeanie Earl
OK...U R just 2 funny!! Good 2 C you are loving life at home and in the 'fast lane'! Macey is growing too fast! Miss seeing ya!
and if you do buy a scooter, don't forget to accessorize it with leopard accents.
you guys are so hard core! please when the dream comes true dont forget to get leather chaps with fringe.
oh man, I forgot about duffers. Those were the days.
Brad, how could you forget about Duffers!! What kind of friend are you?

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