Baby Gone Wild!

Oct 8, 2008
Emily and I threw a baby shower for one of our old roomies Angie. We had so much fun with the theme and actually getting to plan it together. Having the shower also served as a great motivator for Paul to finish our backyard!
Here's some pictures from the evening:

Here we are freshman year at Kimball, I never would of thought we'd be getting together 8 years later!

One of our freshman roommates ended up not being able to make it to the shower so we moved the party over to her house later that night. We reminisced about our crazy days in the dorms and laughed until we cried. Afterwards Emily and I couldn't resist visiting Kimball and taking a picture in our old sign. Are we nerds or what, but here's the pictures:
Pic 1: Freshman yr, 2001 Pic 2: Graduation, 2004 Pic 3: Sept 2008

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that shower is so stinkn cute! and how fun to have all those friends back together, college was seriously the funnest part my life (its pretty sweet now too, dont get me wrong)
The shower looked great! Did you frost those cupcakes? Love the pink shoes.
That was such a fun night. Thanks again!!!
You guys are so fun! I love the last set of pictures. You will be grandma's taking that same picture!
Those are the best looking collages I have ever seen.
I have to agree with Paul. :) Angie looks so stinking amazing in that cowboy hat. I think she could drive todd wild with it. :) she pulls it off way better than most I'd say. :) I love the sign pics,.. those are hilarious. you guys crack me usual. :)

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