Back to School

Nov 13, 2019
Paul and I got back from Florida and it was pure craziness as we tried to get ready for the first day of school.  We also had 3 different start dates this year. 

The main stress for Macey was the locker situation at school, but after practicing for about an hour before the first day, they got it down and were ready to go.  

We did our back to school dinner like always.

I just love how simple it is and that I do pretty much the same thing every year, so there's no stress involved.  Especially when I get back into town the night before.  

The excitement this year was these amazing pickles I found, they were the highlight of the meal.  :)  

There were WAY less tears than last year, it was mostly all smiles. 

Macey started first since she had 7th grade day at the Jr High. 

The bus ended up being late and they missed the entire first period.  Plus, Macey had some things she needed to fix on her schedule at the office when she got there.  But, she handled it like a champ and got her schedule settled all on her own.  This girl was more than ready to leave elementary school behind and couldn't wait to be reunited with some old friends from Suncrest.  

I've loved listening to all the Jr. High stories, so much more entertaining than elementary school stories.  Bus drama, boys that like them, the stress of remembering all their different locker numbers, and the chaos of the halls that were not represented accurately in movies they'd seen. :)  Macey could not love Jr. High more.  

Crew and Miles started next.

First day of 2nd Grade.
All smiles for this kid until about the 3rd week of school, where he realized that 2nd grade is a lot harder than 1st. :)  He's killing it though and got an amazing teacher and lots of awesome kids in his class.  

He had to include Fang in his paper doll project. :)  

first day of 4th grade. 

I tried and tried, but this kid would not cooperate for a picture.  He is not one to hide his emotions.  His morning was full of lots of yelling and throwing things, but we got out the door and once he saw his friends he ran right to class without me.  

The day went better than these pictures predict though. He got an amazing teacher, with a few friends in his class and came home smiling. 

Although we did have a massive anger explosion that night, where he ripped up all his hard earned money.  This kid.  

We took a picture on the 2nd day of school, it turned out much better. 

I know it's going to be a good school year, even if it kills me. 

Ruby and I then had our last week to ourselves before she started school.  

We had lots planned. 

Zoo Day with The Miners.

It was hot and busy, but a perfect way to spend one of our last days of freedom.  

Splash Pad with Michelle and Lottie.

Our last breakfast Date at Chickfila.

A few more lazy mornings, just the 2 of us and Fang.

Kindergarten Testing.

I wasn't exactly sure how'd she do.  We didn't even start working on letters and writing her name until the week before her test.  Can you tell she's my 4th kid? :)  I was happily surprised when she didn't do too bad (I was sitting across the room filling out paper work and spying).  

this was my favorite moment:

Mrs. B. : Count from 1 to 10.

Ruby:  1, 10

Mrs. B. : Say the numbers inbetween 1 and 10.

Ruby: 1, 7, 5, 2, 8..

Mrs. B. : Finish counting for me 1, 2, 3....

Ruby: 4, 5, 6, 7...

I was dying.  Poor kindergarten teachers.  

We had a princess movie party with Reagan. 

And then in the mist of it all she BROKE HER ARM and I didn't think it was broken, so I didn't take her in for like 4 days.  

She was running in the backyard, tripped, and her hand went between our tramp hole and the tramp. She only cried for a min, so I didn't think too much about it.  

That night she was still complaining, so I wrapped an ace bandage around it to make her feel better.  She went right to sleep and I chalked it up to her just being dramatic. 

She made me keep it wrapped during the next few days, but at night I would unwrap it when she was sleeping to see if she could remember what arm she hurt (she's crazy dramatic, so it's hard for me to trust her).  She did remember and then when I spied on her sunday getting dressed for church I could see her wince when she was putting her dress on.  So, the day before kindergarten started I took her in just for peace of mind, still not thinking it was broken.   

Broke 2 bones in her wrist.  Good thing about waiting so long is that the swelling was down and she could get her hard cast on right away.

When they were putting her cast on she looked at me and said, "This is the Best day of my entire life".  She kills me.  

Finally the much anticipated first day of Kindergarten came and it was only made better by the bright pink cast she got to sport.  

Pretty much the cutest, and pinkest, kindergartner around.  

She was a little  nervous since she didn't know anyone in her class and mad at me that I put her in AM Kindergarten, while Reagan was in PM Kindergarten with the same teacher.  

She had a great first day though, made new friends, and got to have a photo shoot with Reagan before it was her turn to head off for her first day of kindergarten.  

I was very successful in my 2 hours and 45 min of alone time.  

I read a book and organized my pantry.  

Then before I knew it, it was 12:00 and time to go pick her up.  

And we still had about 2 hours together before the big kids started getting home.  

While somedays I wish she was in all day kindergarten, I'm trying to soak her up as much as possible, because I know this is the end for me.  Next year they will ALL be gone ALL day and I will actually have to take up some hobbies or something.  

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I LOVE the plants you have in your living room and on your front porch. Cute place! That kind of freaks me out that a kid could have a broken arm and you don't know it. Don't bones jut out? I guess not always ... Todd hurt his wrist last weekend at the skate park (lol) and won't do anything about it. Said this morning it still hurts. What if it's broken, too?!?!?!

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Nov 12, 2019

August is always full with trying to squeeze in the last of our summer fun. 

This August might have been one of our craziest yet.

Bowling at BYU with the Rensinks.

Pool Days with old neighbors. 

Macey planned a late night for some friends.  

Water balloons on the tramp. 

Miles decided he needed to earn some Money, so a lot of his August was spent weeding at neighbors' houses. 

Constant neighborhood chaos. 

And I snapped this pic of Ruby and her bff Reagan at church, it's rare to catch them so calm and in clean clothes and with their hair done.  

and then sometimes this sign goes up because I need a break from the chaos and constant running in and out of the house.  :)

And just need to soak up the laziness of summer days in my AC.

and enjoy this cuteness.  


#momhike is still going strong to help me deal and better enjoy all of the above. 

We even got out with some neighbor friends without kids to enjoy some soccer and good food. 

A highlight of the month was having Paul's parents come into town.

We got to watch Macey's performance of Beauty and the Beast at The Scera Shell, where she was a fork.

We went fishing and caught way too many fish. 

And then the main event was celebrating Navasard Day with lots of friends.

It's the ancient Armenian New Year, for those few readers that aren't familiar with the popular holiday.   

Usually we just celebrate Navasard Day with our little family by going somewhere fun and eating food.  But, this year we decided to share the magic of Navasard Day with some of our friends, since we now have our very own backyard.  

We had lots of good food (Cubby's and Chickfila) 

An amazing balloon lady.

Blow-up water slides

Shave Ice 

it was pretty much the kids best day ever and they could not stop thanking us for weeks after.  Made all the chaos and planning worth it.  

It was the first time I wished our backyard was bigger so we could of invited more of our friends!!

Even post party wasn't too bad.  Nothing like a good competition of seeing who can lay in a trough of ice the longest.  Who says kids can't entertain themselves now days? 

Then Paul and I were off to Disney World to celebrate our 16th anniversary.  

Holly was left in charge of our sweet perfect children while we were gone. 

The day of our actual anniversary we did Magic Kingdom.  And it might have been one of my most favorite days of all time. 

We rode lots of rides, ate lots of good food, reminisced about the last 17 years together, stood in lots of lines, laughed, sweated, and watched lots of parents wrestle with crying children. :) 

Pure Bliss.  

My favorite rides of the day were The 7 dwarfs mine train, splash mountain, and space mountain

We were trying to make a heart with our arms, we did not nail it.  

We even got stuck in a rain storm while waiting in a very long ride for Ariel, but it was no big deal when you don't have 4 whining children with you.  We threw our ponchos on and continued on our way.  

We ended the night with reservations to eat unlimited dessert and watch the amazing fireworks from The Terrace in Tomorrowland.  A perfect end to a perfect day.  

Day 2 we did Animal Kingdom and Hollywood.  

Pandora did not disappoint and was just insane to look at.  

Avatar Flight of Passage was amazing and I did not stop smiling the entire time.  

My next favorite ride was Expedition Everest. 

And the Safari tour was just crazy, could't believe we were still in Disney World.  

We headed to Hollywood for the late afternoon and evening.  Not my favorite park, but the Aerosmith Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and our dinner reservation did make our time worth it.  

Then we headed back home just in time for the first day of school.  

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Navasard Day! I love it! Have you really celebrated that every year? Ha ha ha! It looked like an amazing kid blast. You guys know how to pull out all the stops! Happy anniversary. I loved seeing all the pictures of you and Paul having such a happy time together. You two just work so right for each other. I love it!

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Lake Pearrygin

Sep 16, 2019
We made the trek out to Eastern Washington for a week of camping at Lake Pearrygin.

This was the first time we had packed for this trip in our new house and let me tell you it was amazing.  Normally we are drowning in the amount of crap we have to take for a week at the lake, but this year, The Great Gathering, barely got in my way.

And bonus, our car fit in the garage with the cartop carrier on top!

This was the also the first big drive we took in the new car and the DVD player was life changing. 

There was still whining and crying, but nothing compared to normal.

Plus, Paul and I even had energy to eat at Denny's instead of McDonalds.  Although we were questioning this decision when Miles was screaming and wouldn't get out of the car because he'd never eaten at a Denny's before and it made him feel uncomfortable.  #lifewithspd

Our sweet room for the night. 

Then it was Pearrygin Life for the next week.

Constant hanging out on the beach.  

Miles was always on the look out for adults to share his wide range of knowledge and animal facts with. 

GiGi and Teddi were quite popular the entire week and we had to keep a rotation going for the great grandkids to play games with her in her trailer.

Can't beat Pearrygin lunches in the shade with cousins.  

We had a rainy morning and the kids wanted to catch the ducks that were all over our campsite.  So, we caught ducks and each kid got to pet them.  It was highly entertaining.  

Then while we waited for the wind to pass we went into town for pizza, park, and ice cream.

Luckily, we only had one morning of non-boating weather.  And the rest was pretty much perfection. 

This year was filled with Sombrero riding 

My afternoons were spent organizing the Sombrero rides and making sure everyone got a turn, adults included.  

There seemed to be a bit of a learning curve with pulling this beast.  There were quite a few crashes with lots of screaming children in the water and even hitting a buoy.  

But overall The Sombrero was a huge hit.  

And there was never enough time in the day for these kids to ride on it.  

and Knee Boarding. 

All the kids got in on the knee boarding action this year and life got much easier because they also learned how to deep water start.  

Miles finally got the hang of it this year and loved it.  He was always on the look out for anyone to go with him.  

Notice Paul in the water helping the girls with the ropes.  That's one of the great things about Pearrygin, everyone is always willing to step in and help when needed.  

Adults got in on the action too.  

We did our bi-annual quadruple kneeboarded with CJ and Shaunna and it always proves to be one of my favorite Pearrygin moments.  

And there was of course some animal riding.

Brianne and I got to go on an evening kayak ride where she showed off her amazing rowing skills. 

Lots and lots of floating.  Dave brought along the crazy island from costco and it proved to be the favorite hang out while waiting for a turn behind the boat. 

And of course non-stop cousin action.

Love these kids.  

The ride back from Pearrygin is always an interesting one because we are extra dirty, extra tired, and extra sad.  

Ruby looked like an insane wild woman on the 15 hour drive home and pretty much encompassed how we all looked and felt.   

And it's not a trip to Pearrygin if someone doesn't come home with some sort of injury.  This years winner was Macey with a black eye from knee boarding and sombrero riding.  


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I love this post! You captured Pearrygin perfectly!! It is my very favorite time of year all of the grandkids are together and have so much fun running around in and out of the water. I also get to have all of my kids together having fun hanging out doing fun things. The picture of the beach with all of the toys is amazing, how do we have so much stuff?!? The Sombrero was a hit! I can't wait to do it all over again and next time their will be more dogs than just Canyon.

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July...where we did not melt

Aug 21, 2019
We spent most of the month in the 90's, which meant we spent lots of days at the pool.  

And shockingly, only 1 day at the pond.  The pool is just easier for me now I guess and the pond requires so much hauling of stuff, so lots of pool days this summer.  Plus, we actually had our own yard this summer. Last summer it was dirt.  

And of course water slide play dates in our very own backyard.  

Fourth of July weekend we took Fang on his first camping trip to our favorite spot.  

Kids said camping was so much better with Fang.  

I said it was a lot of work. 

Fang did not enjoy playing in the creek with the kids though.  

Someone also left behind these stilts, and they provided hours of entertainment.  

We made it back home in time to do some fireworks in our driveway.  Like always, the sparklers were the scariest part for everyone. :)

We took Crew on his birthday date to Pizza Pie. 

Erin and I went hiking one night to escape the heat in the valley and found snow.  

It was crazy, but very refreshing.  

#momhike's were much less dramatic, but refreshing all the same.  

We finally found some time to do outdoor movie nights.  

First with the neighborhood.  

And then some private showings in the backyard.  

I have always refused to take my kids to free slurpee day on 7/11.  So, they took advantage of their new found freedom and rode their scooters with a bunch of neighbor kids. It was awesome for me because I had peace and quiet for about an hour and didn't have to go out in the 95 degree heat.  And it was awesome for them because they got free slurpees!  

Fang continues to live his best life.  

Paul started putting our kids and neighbor kids to work doing something useful...washing our cars.  

A highlight of the month was getting together with the girls I used to teach with.  Time is a weird thing.  They all seemed exactly the same to me, but then there were all these kids running around, which made the passing of time seem very obvious.  

Pictures of us from 12 years ago!!!  

Grateful everyday I got to teach with and learn from these amazing ladies.  

They were some of the first people I told when I was pregnant with Macey and the first to come visit me after I had her.  
I will love them forever.  

A Low-Light of the month was having to say goodbye to some of our favorite people, The Johnsons.  

We will miss these friends.  

Some of my favorite moments of summer were the afternoons after visiting the library.  Heaven.  

Ruby's dreams came true, when Macey and I took her with us to get pedicures.  She kept asking "Why this chair punching me".  :)  

I took the boys school shopping, since I knew there'd be no time in August.  It was actually quite pleasant.  I forget how much they get along with no one else is around.  

We also finally let them all sleep in the basement together.  It went batter than expected.  

Most of the times things aren't so heavenly though, but I am grateful I can now leave my kids at home alone and run to 7-11 to get what I need to survive. Caffeine and Sugar. 
Sometimes adulthood isn't so bad.    

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I love that you had such a tight knit teaching group! That's awesome. Where does the time go? My last students are in college now, so... it's, like, embarrassing to say I used to teach, it was so long ago!

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June AKA the best month ever

Jul 16, 2019
June.  My most favorite month in Utah.  Summer has just started.  Temperatures are perfect.  Summerfest. And it's my birthday month. Doesn't get much better.  

love me some lazy summer mornings.  

We had so many pool days.

highlights were Miles learning to flip off the diving board.  

And Crew being able to go down the slide alone!!



We've got it down to a science now, that it's not even stressful.

Crew earned a late night with one of his best friends from our old school.  

Movie night with the girls I work with at church.  

Our days are filled with neighbor kids and friends.


Hours of perler beads.  

Constant bike riding and roller skating.  

And knowing where the gang is by which house has a pile of bikes out front.

Even Fang gets in on the neighborhood bike action.  

And Fang is finally growing and his xsmall dog collar got too small, so he could finally fit into the bowtie one I bought before we brought him home. 

Ruby thought he was so cute in it she decided they should get married. 

Here's a pic of Crew's rash healing and my, most likely broken, finger.

3 Big Highlights in June for me:

1. My built ins got finished!! And I love them.  

2.  I threw myself a Favorite Things Birthday Party.

it was so fun.  Plus, holly and I did a soda bar, which might of been my most favorite part.  

Ruby being thrilled about coming down to spy and make herself a drink.

I have always been lucky in life to have an awesome group of friends, love these ladies so much.  

I was also especially happy I threw myself a party, because my actual birthday kind of sucked this year. :)  

Although, after some yelling and crying on my part and the kid's, we did manage a nice hike up the canyon.  

And I killed it in hide and seek.  

3.  Girls Camp

I got to go to Girls Camp with Macey this year. 

It was probably one of my favorite girls camps I have ever attended.  

Such an awesome group of girls and leaders.  And we were in a unique situation where about 2/3's of us had only been in the ward a year or less, so it was so nice to bond and laugh and get to know each other more.

Where we were suppose to go was still covered in snow (Mia Shalom), so we ended in Hobble Creek Canyon at an amazing property.  

There was a slip and slide on the side of the mountain.

An amazing indoor pool.

Where, after lots of encouragement, I jumped and then kept on jumping.  

Lots of friends to see around camp.

And macey wanted to go on the hard hike, so up the side of the mountain we went.  

It was hard, but very fun.  Super impressed with the girls from our ward that picked this hike over the easier ones.  

It was an amazing week spent with amazing people laughing, playing, and feeling the spirit.  I cannot wait for next year.  

Phew.  And that was just the first month of summer.  

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Girl, I feel like you're eternally in young women's. Can't say I blame your leadership, you're definitely perfect for it. Just a funny observation, that's all. Your broken finger looks terrible and I can't believe you didn't give us more details! I hope it's healing okay. Your dog is seriously the cutest. I'm so happy to see how well you're utilizing your house. Built-ins, movie nights in the back, all the kids biking around the neighborhood, it's looking like fun!

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